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    Customized Orders!
    You can alter the color or size of your sculpture within the limits of the piece.

    If the piece is 3 feet by 2 feet you may want to be proportional, for example you could make it bigger 6 feet by 4 feet-double the original size. Although keep in mind that if you want a completely customized piece we can do that as well! Just let us know your style and what you were thinking of - we can create it. If you need help in determining what size email us. Tell us where you are putting it and give us the dimensions of the area as well as a description of the area, possibly a photo and any other information that you feel would be helpful. We'll be happy to help out!

    We can assist you with color as well. If you wish you can send swatches or paint chips. Or to simplify things you can email us a description of the colors. We understand what dusty mauve is or seafoam green. Any way you can communicate your color requirements is fine with us.

    Contact Us
    Once you determine how you would like to customize your selection you must "Contact Us" for a price quote. There are no additional charges for color changes but there will be a price difference if you alter the size of the chosen sculpture or water fountain.

    To ask us questions or send us your customization needs click on "Contact Us" or call Ann at 216-229-9999.

    Please Note: If you order a Customized piece and cancel the order you will not be reimbursed the 50% down payment unless it is determined we were at fault or unable to satisfy your order. Please understand, changes to custom sculptures is not that uncommon but once a custom scultpure is created it is difficult to sell to someone due to the changes. If you have any questions concerning this please Contact Us or call 216-789-9102.

    Ordering Options:

    Please note that there are certain pieces that are special order only and are labeled as such in the description. We must be contacted to order these items.

    Your Approval
    After you approve the quote you will need to submit a Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Check payment of 50% of the total cost including any shipping and taxes. We will send instructions and a link to do this. When we receive the payment we will begin the development of your sculpture or water fountain.

    When your piece is ready we will email you a picture (jpg file) of the piece for your approval. We have a record of just about 100% in satisfying our customers. And if there’s something you want to change or add or delete, let us know at that time. We will make the changes and email you a second photo. This insures you can order with confidence, knowing you will see precisely what you are getting, before it arrives.

    Final Payment
    When you have approved the piece you must submit the final 50% of the cost though your Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Check before it is shipped. Again, we will send you a link to submit payment.

    To design and create your piece will take anywhere from 5 to 6 weeks. This is because the piece will be created specifically for you.

    If you need to return the sculpture you must contact us and return it within 30 days. If the sculpture or water fountian is damaged during shipping it will be repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage.

    Please Note: There is a 15% restocking fee charged for returned items.

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