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DimensionsThruArt.com thrives on giving clients that unique metal sculpture that goes well beyond their expectations. These metal sculptures whether abstract, contemporary or traditional provide never-ending pleasure! Be sure to take a look at our newest stone and marble sculptures!

Henry, Pamela, & Cameron

They are a family of three and work at their gallery amidst a ten-acre manicured sculpture garden that they can wander and display some of their work. The garden is a mystical place to relax, contemplate and enjoy the wildlife. A truly unique location to rejuvenate the soul and spark creativity!
The artists are all members of ASID, America Society of Interior Designers and are skilled at understanding client’s needs. Between the three of them they have over 30 years of sculpting experience.

Pamela graduated with an AA from Centenary College and went on to get her Bachelor’s from Briarcliff College. She received her masters from the University of Arizona. Pam was a classically trained ballet dancer with Harkness Ballet in New York and is a sculptress in her own right.

Pamela and Henry’s son Cameron graduated form the university of Pittsburgh. He is an accomplished artist, caricaturist and spearheaded the family transformation into bronze casting and electroplating.

Henry graduated from Franklin and Marshall College where he majored in philosophy. He was accepted pre-law at Columbia. Then because of the Vietnam lottery he instead flew jet fighters. Henry has invented/patented many devices outside the world of sculpting, including the Omega Shock, a new approach to bicycle suspensions and many others. He has also written several novels and won an award for his screenplay of Potter’s Mill which has been optioned for a movie in Hollywood.



Charles draws his imagery from the world of nature and life experience. The fusion of man and nature is a predominate theme in his sculpture. The aesthetic lines of the human figure and the celebration of human emotion are vehicles he uses as subject matter in his composition. Happiness, sadness, a moment in time, a familiar experience, a celebration, is some of the experiences that can be found when viewing his sculpture.

Charles studied art at Culver-Stockton College in Canton, MO and also in Florence, Italy with Studio Art Centers International. However, his formal education was not the beginning of seeing with an artist eye. Charles had the opportunity to travel widely with his family through his father’s work in the U.S. Navy. From these travels he experienced diverse people and cultures. These varied adventures as the youngest of four children have brought vision to his creative process.

Charles creates his bronze images through the lost wax method. The process takes several steps to form the elegant bronzes. First, he creates a frame with metal, called an armature, covers it with clay and forms a plaster mold over the clay. The mold is removed and then filled with wax. Next, the image is coated with layers of ceramic binder and silica sand. The mold is heated and the wax melts away. Bronze is poured into the ceramic shell. Finally the shell is knocked away from the bronze, and the pieces are welded together, polished, and coated with special chemicals. Each piece has a unique patina or coloring. Charles does limited editions ranging from eight to twenty. Charles takes pride in the fact that his images are created by the method used by artisans from centuries past.